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Here To Stay!

Welcome all! Thank you for following along on our journey as we give this treasured farm a new name and fresh start as Magnolia Meadow Farms!

We are proud to announce that fun on the farm is coming back for Fall 2022! Your favorite fall activities will be returning this September to our farm off of MD-550.

Even though some things may look a little different at the farm, if you’ve been to our location before, you will recognize a lot of the “icons” that are staying put:

1. Transformers

The iconic Transformers, Bumblebee and Optimus Prime, will continue to be a hallmark at Magnolia Meadow! They are made out of recycled car parts and over the years have served as apple cannon targets and awesome photo-ops. They have even been featured in the past as a top “roadside attraction” in the State of Maryland! Bumblebee and Optimus Prime will be making their comeback and are waiting for your pictures this fall!

2. Teepee

Next is our famous hand-built, giant Teepee! The Teepee has moved to various spots over the years but currently sits on the outskirts of our Private Campfire area. Inside are 2 campfire rings, and when the sun starts to set, we love to light them as our “community campfire” for all guests to enjoy!

3. Maryland’s Largest Corn Maze

It just wouldn’t be a Fall Festival without our gigantic corn maze! Each year, our corn maze features a unique design and up to 5 miles of trails for you to get lost. Stay tuned for when we reveal this year’s design this summer!

4. Pumpkin & Sunflower Fields

Our beautiful U-Pick pumpkin patch and sunflower fields will be returning for you to pick from, take pictures, and stroll through at your leisure. We plant several different varieties of sunflowers and pumpkins in unique colors and shapes, so you will be sure to find what suits your style!

5. Farm Animals

The gentle (and hungry!) horses, goats, sheep, and rabbits that you know and love are eager to see you again! That's right, our friends from Lind Family Farm will be bringing back our furry mascots like draft horses Blue and Luna, Phoebe the sheep, and some new faces for you to meet! As always, they will happily snack from your Magnolia Meadow Farms feed cup!

Keep up with us as we make announcements about new additions, special events, ticket sales, and more! We can’t wait to see you!

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