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A Family-Owned Business

Welcome to Magnolia Meadow Farms!

Brad & Amber Seiss own and operate Magnolia Meadow Farms.  They purchased the farm in November of 2021 and have been busy working toward the opening of the farm in the Fall of 2022.


Brad is native to the Thurmont area.  Amber was born and raised in Minnesota.  They met in Denver Colorado while showing Hereford cattle.  Their passion for cattle and the industry has always been a driving force in their lives.  When the opportunity presented itself to purchase the farm, they were thrilled to be able to continue this passion in their small town.  

They have two young children, and enjoy sharing their love for the outdoors, agriculture, and the cattle industry with them.  



In everything she does, Amber finds the need to have connected-ness to herself and her personal passions.  While growing up in a small rural town in Minnesota, she spent a lot of time with her family and has especially fond memories of time spent with her grandparents in Magnolia, MN.  The town boasts a population of just over 200, but is where she finds an abundance of memories and life lessons that she carries with her today.

Within the same general area of Minnesota, Amber grew up on her family farm in Pipestone, MN.  Taking a drive in any direction of the farm you will find crops and cattle for miles.  Brad and Amber are looking to replicate that same feeling and experience at Magnolia Meadow Farms.  In the current day, most farmland is being cropped or developed.  Not theirs. While some is utilized for crops for their livestock and agritourism business, a significant amount of the 350+ acre farm has been transitioned back to grassland (Meadow) for their cattle herd. 


Our Support System

The support system at Magnolia Meadow Farms goes far beyond one family. We are grateful to get to work with some of the most dedicated people throughout the year! 

Farm Event Manager:


Ally, our Farm Manager, started out as a Ticket Building employee in 2018 and never left! Ally grew up in the Philadelphia area but moved to Thurmont after meeting her husband Matt in college at Shepherd University. She has a bachelor’s degree in music, but over the past few years she has found a passion for event marketing and management, and raising awareness for agriculture. In addition to being our Farm Manager, she is also the Venue Coordinator for our sister property, Mathwig Wedding Barn and our guesthouse, The Farmhouse at Magnolia Meadow Farms. In her free time, she enjoys making music with friends and spending time with her family and her dog, Gemma.  Make sure to give her a friendly hello when you see her!

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Activities & Barn Manager


Ed is the owner of Lind Family Farm, he and his animals will join us this year at the Magnolia Meadow Farms Interactive Barn.  He loves to share his animals with others.  Ed's passions are his family and friends, his animals and his love for the Lord.  He grew up in Johnsville MD before moving to Thurmont.  Look for him around the farm and feel free to ask him any questions you may have!


Farm Market Manager


Joanne grew up in Johnsville, MD and now lives in Southern Maryland with her husband and 3 cats.  She comes to Thurmont often to visit her brother Ed and all the babies born on the Lind Family Farm.  She loves to meet new people and talk about the local area.

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