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Butterfly Release

September 23 & September 30, 2023

2:00 PM


We can’t wait for this! Join us for our first Butterfly Release! Purchase a beautiful Painted Lady Butterfly that you’ll get to release into our flower fields this fall!


We have 2 different release dates: 


  • Saturday, September 23rd at 2:00 PM — *RAIN DATE: Sunday, September 24th*

  • Saturday, September 30th at 2:00 PM — *RAIN DATE: Sunday, October 1st*



General Admission is $15 when pre-purchased online. Butterflies can be added onto your General Admission ticket for $7 each. We highly recommend purchasing your ticket & butterfly in advance as we have a limited number of butterflies available and can’t guarantee there will be any to purchase onsite.



This will be a GROUP release at 2:00 PM - you are welcome to arrive earlier in the day to enjoy our other activities! An announcement will be made for you to pick up your butterfly at the field before the release.



Your butterfly will come in an envelope and won’t be given to you until just before the release so that it’s ready to fly! We will guide you through the steps as you open the envelope and release your butterfly into the wild! Then watch as they fly into our Sunflower & Wildflower fields! 



This is an amazing opportunity for pictures and videos! Professional Photographers are welcome to accompany you with a paid General Admission ticket.


We’ll see you there!

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