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Employees Only

Thank you for being a part of our support system!

From this Employee page, you can:

  • Download employee paperwork

  • Learn how to use the scheduling app Homebase

Employee Paperwork:

Employee Paperwork Packet

Employee Handbook

Work Permit (for anyone under 18 by the start of the season): APPLY HERE

Instructions (PLEASE READ!)

  • I-9 & forms of ID: please make sure you submit copies of identification along with your documents. Acceptable forms of ID can be found on page 3 of the I-9.

    • If you do not have a form of ID listed on List A (i.e. a US Passport) please make sure you submit 2 forms of ID: (1) from List B and (1) from List C.

    • For anyone in school without a driver's license, a School ID Card that has a photo can count as your form of ID from List B.


  • Code of Conduct: please review the Employee Handbook and sign the Code of Conduct to acknowledge our policies.


  • Direct Deposit: Please fill out the form with your banking information and include a picture of a voided check OR a letter/direct deposit form from you bank if you don’t have checks

  • Work Permit: required for anyone under 18. You’ll need to fill out the application online, print it, and sign it. (Both the parent/legal guardian & the minor must sign)​

    • Fill out the "Work Duties" at the bottom to describe the job. Please use these descriptions for the position(s) you're being hired for:​

      • Concessions/Sweet Shack/Nut Hut: Cashier, Food Prep, Washing Dishes, Serving Food

      • Dishwasher: Washing Dishes, Cleaning Kitchen Area

      • Barn: Feeding animals, cleaning stalls, engaging with guests

      • Activities: Monitoring guests, communicating safety rules

      • Market: Cashier, Retail Sales, Stocking

      • Ticket Building: Retail Ticket Sales, Customer Service

      • Trash: Picking up and removing trash from trash receptacles and grounds 

      • Patch: Cashier, Disbursing supplies to guests for pick-your-own produce​​

      • Runner: Gathering Supplies, Stocking, Taking Inventory


  • Please email all of your documents to

    • You can send PDFs or Image files (JPEG, etc.) Just make sure they're readable!


For written, detailed instructions, CLICK HERE

  • Get the app

    • You will receive an invite via text or email to join.

    • Download from the Apple Store

    • Download from the Google Play Store​​

  • Set Availability

    • Open the app and select "More" in the lower right corner

    • Select "Requests"

    • Select "Time Off" (can't work a specific day or weekend) or "Availability" (ongoing set of hours, i.e. can't work Fridays until 4pm)​​​​

  • Trade and Cover Shifts

    • Open the app and select "Schedule" at the bottom

    • Find the shift and select "Find Cover"

    • Select "Trade Shift" (both employees swap shift times) or "Request Cover" (ask an employee to pick up your shift)

    • Remember, you are still responsible for your shift until a team member accepts the request AND a manager approves it.

  • Message Teammates

    • Open the app and select "Messages" at the bottom

      • To create a new message, select the pencil icon in the upper right corner

      • Select who you would like to message:

        • You can send individual or group messages​

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